Thursday, July 15, 2010

Myth of the fastest growing job market promotion

Just to see the British Tektronix NASDAQ listed company CEO Xia Yufeng International Group, he is giving college students Intentia mobile communications to deliver a speech, but this seems more like a college philosophy class, and Chinese classical philosophy. What is "righteousness," ah, what "repair Qi Zhiping," ah, what "Road" ah, were he spoke clearly and logically. "Zhang said Haier's future depends on philosophy, philosophy of how we can not speak it," he said.

Decided state vision, ideas determine - as he himself put it, Xia Yufeng feel that their success no mystery, but we do prefer to think constantly refined his people and things encountered. "Never will complain that no one company has its own problems, and you are not working in a company, you are fighting for themselves, this is the first successful, if you have to sum up my words." He said .

Mengniu's president Niu Gensheng was repeatedly referred to him because of Niu Gensheng donated all of the shares of individuals set up a special charity fund, "a person can have such a Favorable View of Justice, to succeed is immune, it the second is successful. the last one is a young man not attracted me, apart from 'looking way', we should also learn to 'walk'. "

To leave, he very seriously said: "You do a greater chance of success reporters, because you interview a success every person, we all can learn a lot ... ..." He seemed to begin pondering its own "Road," a It seems that this is a "successful compulsive" people.

Do Do not underestimate the importance of what you are doing every job

In fact, life is a big chain, every link of which is very important. Tribulations of life is an asset, because the suffering will forces you to think. I am 15 years old to leave home to go read key high schools of the provincial capital. Up to 29 years old, and I are constantly thinking, thinking I saw people and things, think about their own ideals and the future.

My career is very complicated to do foreign trade sales in Qinhuangdao that four years, my first experience of different people, understanding human nature and the rich people who deal with these different methods. Then I went to a private real estate company to do for 4 years, during which a further understanding of the laws of the market and how to deal with the government. Next, I worked at a management consulting foreign companies in another system to study the management and English language knowledge.

In 1998, when read to more than 20,000 MBA, I was also Na Buqi the money, but I have not given up, so I am 29 years old, when I was around people that have no need to go read this , I still stick to their ideals, admitted to the National People's Congress of the MBA.

My feeling is: Do not underestimate what you are doing random every job, we should cherish the sight. Even though it looks very humble, you seem like the ideal of the future has nothing to do.

Always work for themselves

The spring of 2003, SARS epidemic, and I graduated MBA. At that time everyone put their resumes on the Internet, Beida Jade Bird to see my resume after the move I do market commissioner, this is a very common work, and a monthly salary of only about 4,000 yuan. Many people feel that detract from the MBA graduates how do these work? But I cherish this opportunity.

I do not want to wait any longer, I would like to quickly start their first job in Beijing, to understand the city's social characteristics. To move quickly up and there is no chance of sitting, walking with a chance, ran, there are two opportunities.

Soon, work would not hold, because the SARS reason, everyone can stay at home, many of my colleagues hung in online chat, play games or something, because the wages are paid as usual for. But I did not stop, on the contrary, I had set himself the workload, access to vast amounts of data every day, do a lot of finishing work. Later, the work of the show, I just use this time to be ignored by my colleagues work for the future performance of the foundation.

So this is the walk and see the road, I just enter the job market around a lot of young people everywhere always "see" only to see if a better opportunity to properly take immediate and forget the road. I have been able to stick with it, because I always believe: I was working for yourself, not for the boss, made the job performance will be the basis for future success, even more, it was no one to give you additional money.

Help your boss succeed

In the workplace, there are two people, one day complaining, complaining boss senseless, can not be promoted themselves complained about the problems that exist; other people will stand up to consider their position boss what he needs to think about request from the boss himself how far worse. Clearly the latter are more likely to be promoted.

As I prominent achievements in doing for 10 months after the market commissioner, that is, 2004, I was promoted to principal training center for the Blue Bird. At that time, there is competition between the training center, but I did not own a training center was positioned on the principal. I think if I was president of the training center, then I certainly hope that the performance of all training schools are good, so I have no reservations will be taken out of its own success, introduced to compete with other training I have Centre.

On the surface, I like a disadvantage, in exchange for their hard-earned success is drawing away to someone else. But in my help, my boss, that is, the training center's vice president received a boost, so this place out on the air. Thus, in July 2005, I was promoted to vice president of training centers, and again realized the job market leap.

In addition, many people in the workplace for supervisors only know the trust, but it ignores their subordinates, in fact, a person's success is inseparable from the people around the vertical and horizontal. If subordinates do not trust you, no one to follow you, in other words, no one is willing to work for your child practical, think about it, a person feet Takong how can it step by step to a height?

View of Justice decided the fate of

Petty interests are no set events. This is what I always believed that the word, that is, people can not just look at the immediate interest of all of life's "must" are based on the "house" based on.

Marketing Specialist at the Bluebird to do, I often work overtime for ourselves, even though no one ever asked me to do so. On one occasion, the company sent me a business trip, consecutive 66 days can not go home, then I am thinking of her family, I can sneak back to Beijing to see his family, but I did not do so, forced to concentrate their work in the field. Is that these do not care about personal immediate interests of the pay, let me step by step toward success.

People living in the world, always trying to get fame, status, money, etc., but people tend to forget, all these things you want, all others to come to you, a person can not give their own reputation or power, then others how would be no reason to give you this? So the final analysis, you must first give up their own interests, to the benefit of others, one day you will be rewarded.

It's like chess, you always chasing after a car ran a pawn, you not only catch up, but it is very likely to get nothing at all; the contrary, if you give up in front of a pawn, a strategic plan to and plan, you get far more than just a pawn a car then? Young people must bring their sight so long to choose and decide the fate of the accumulated results of fate is to choose, give up now is a choice in the future is more important than now.

First justice system, first take the profits are controlled by others - Confucian View of Justice inspired me.

Learn the face of loneliness and failure

To learn to do things, first learning to be human. The right attitude is a prerequisite for success, attitude is everything.

First of all, to endure loneliness, the so-called spending years no one asked, and once they become famous the world know, this is my regular and subordinates say a word. Success is that everyone wants, there are many hardworking people, but why only a few successful people do, because there are 99 100 people close to success in time to give up. To know that life is like digging wells, can only focus on the professional, can only professional excellence, if you dig a few places gave up, giving up in another place, would never have dug up any water. This is the knowledge of "Tao" is easy but keep "Road" is hard to reason.

Second, we must aim high. Confidence does not necessarily win, but will not lose confidence; the action does not necessarily win, but no action will certainly lose; a goal does not necessarily win, but not the goal will be lost.

Before his promotion to vice president of Beida Jade Bird training center, I still work as before. Since I was the Commissioner from the foundation to start the market, so a better understanding of the following circumstances, coupled with his grasp of the characteristics of the corporate training, I am the first and second quarter results were up by 200%.

At this time, my life, another opportunity presented itself, the British Tektronix International Group has its eyes on China's IT training in my experience in the field, dug what I did president, but I also think that 3G is the next IT area hot, want to be successful in this regard.

In this way, I became the British Tektronix International Group CEO, Intentia Mobile Communications Institute CEO, also completed a general staff from the U.S. NASDAQ listed company president's cross, and time is - less than 3 years.

Life is education, community or school

A person to be successful, must have the courage, insight, knowledge, but reading can not be divorced from reality, the so-called "life is education, community or school." I appreciate the tips Hu scholarship four characters, four characters actually reading tips: handling, that is, not lazy; like, that is not struggling, not scratchy, A careful; and is open-minded, not arbitrary, not stubborn; slow, not easily express their views, without jumping to conclusions.

Western management book I sometimes see that look and found the so-called "Western" is actually not our ancestors have left out of the traditional philosophy. Confucianism, Taoism, Legalism, Mohist I like to read, learn many useful things.

In addition to books of philosophy like that, I still like to see history of war. I often wonder why Mao Zedong, then neither can by virtue of an advanced weapons, and no professional army of peasants defeated the regular army who graduated from military school then? I think there are reasons is that these farmers are fighting for themselves, won will be able to survive, so invincible. It's as simple as with the workplace, managers try to mobilize the people as long as the enthusiasm, not impossible to do things.

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