Thursday, September 23, 2010

Compilation of various source - col

; For tasm
cseg segment
assume cs: cseg, ds: cseg
org 100H
mov es, cs: [video]

mov ax, 3
int 10h
mov cs: [col], 0fh
mov di, 18
lea si, colr2
call mess

mov cx, 16
mov di, 160
xor al, al
push cx

push di
lea si, colour
call mess
call hex2

mov bh, al
push cx
mov cx, 16
mov es: [di], byte ptr "#"
mov es: [di +1], bh
inc bh
add di, 2

loop col2
pop cx

pop di
add di, 160
add al, 10h

add cs: [col], 10h
pop cx
loop rec1

mov ah, 2
mov bh, 0
mov dh, 17
mov dl, 0
int 10h

mov ah, 4ch
int 21h

col db 0
colour db "Colour", 0
colr2 db "0123456789ABCDEF", 0
colnum db 0

video dw 0b800h

hex2 proc near
push ax
and al, 011110000b
shr al, 4
call hex1
pop ax
push ax
and al, 01111b
call hex1
pop ax
hex2 endp
hex1 proc near
mov ah, cs: [col]
cmp al, 10
jb hnum1
add al,''A''-10
jmp hnum2
add al,''0''
mov es: [di], ax
add di, 2
hex1 endp
mess proc
push ax
mov ah, cs: [col]
mov al, cs: [si]
or al, al
jz endmess
mov es: [di], ax
inc si
add di, 2
jmp conmess
pop ax
mess endp

cseg ends
end begin

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

How to become a DBA from a beginner

Oracle's system is too large, and for beginners, there are some know how to make sense of what want to learn what the results are not adopted, so the learning experience to share about the hope that people just started an oracle overall understanding and less to go some detours.

1, location

oracle divided into two blocks, one is to develop a piece of the management. Development mainly write stored procedures, triggers something, there is to use Oracle's Develop tools to do form. Somewhat similar to the programmer, need to have strong logical thinking and creative ability, personally think that would be more difficult, is the young rice J; management will need to oracle database on a deep understanding of the principle, there is strong global maneuvering ability and thinking , greater responsibility, because a small mistake would be down off the entire database, relative the former, the latter experience more value.

Heavy responsibility for database management, few companies are willing to hire a person just to manage access to oracle database. For young people who have just graduated, you can choose to do first, the development has some experience in transition, to do database management. Of course, it still depends on who the actual conditions.

Second, learning

My approach is very simple: reading, thinking, writing notes, doing experiments, and then think, write notes

After reading what the theory that he stop and think about it, ask yourself a few why, then learned and the knowledge to make a point of note; to not understand or have questions about when, on doing the experiment, think about how can it be the same, the experimental results recorded. Thinking and doing experiments is to in-depth understanding of the knowledge points. The process of taking notes, but also clarify their own thinking process.

Learning process is to make a problem from the fuzzy to clear, then clear to the fuzzy process. Changes each time they are representative of your knowledge and learn a new point.

Process of learning also from point to a line from the line to network, from network to the surface process. When the points into lines, you will have the feeling of total clear insight. When the net to a plane, you are master of the

Many users, especially beginners who have problems to get a forum up question, the question before, you have not checked the book, he has not studied, there is no search on the Forum? This is called lazy thinking. By someone else to answer your question, let you quickly make sense of this knowledge is not hard at points, but through their own efforts to study it, not only a better understanding of the knowledge points, more importantly, the study process will improve your problem solving and analytical problems. Overall, the study did not delve into the attitude, No matter what, will not succeed.

Of course, the beginner is that people often encounter problems, no start, do not know where to find information, will be the forum to ask questions. But I think the time in question, is not it can ask other people how to analyze the problem? Where can I find relevant information? Rather than the answer to this question is to what? Teach One to fish than giving the fishing.

Now I say I am the problem solving process

First of all, the official website to know oracle: there various versions of oracle database, application tools and authority of official documents. Furthermore, we should know bought here or oracle oracle service partners can go in, there are many authoritative solutions and patches. Then there was some well-known Web site:, There is a lot of the voice of experience.

Encountered a problem. If the conceptual problems, the first time can find, here to give you the most detailed explanation. If the process is running out of what went wrong. Can go to metalink to see. If you want to know the treatment for a few days. Can go asktom. Of course. Here are just relative.

3, oracle system

oracle's system is very large, to learn it, we must first understand the oracle framework. Here, a brief talk about the oracle of the structure to allow beginners to have a general understanding of oracle.

1, the physical structure (the control files, data files, redo log files, parameter files, archived files, password files)

Control file: to maintain and verify database integrity contains the necessary information, for example, control file used to identify the data files and redo log files, a database at least one control file

Data files: data files stored

Redo log files: with the changes to the database record, so if failure can enable data recovery. A database requires at least two redo log files

Parameter file: define the characteristics of Oracle routines, for example, it contains some of the memory structure to adjust the size of SGA parameters

Archive: yes copy offline redo log files, these copies may be to recover from media failure is necessary.

Password file: Certification which users have permission to start and shut down Oracle routines

2, logic structures (table spaces, section, district, block)

Table space: a database of basic logical structure, a series of collection of data files.

Section: the object space occupied in the database

District: one-time set aside for data storage of a large

Block: ORACLE basic storage unit, the time specified in the establishment of a database

3, memory allocation (SGA and PGA)

SGA: is used to store database information memory area, the information sharing process for the database. It contains the Oracle server's data and control information, which is the Oracle server resides in the computer's real memory can be allocated, if not go down to the actual memory write virtual memory.

PGA: contains a single server process or a single background process data and control information, and contrary to several PGA SGA shared process is only used by a process of regional, PGA is allocated in the creation process of recovery in the termination process,

4, the background process (data write process, the log write process, system monitoring, process monitoring, checkpoint process, archiving process, service process, the user process)

Data write process: responsible for the changed data from the database buffer cache to write data files

Log write process: the redo log buffer to write the changes in online redo log files

System Monitoring: Check the consistency of the database, if necessary, open the database will start to restore the database

Process Monitoring: Oracle process responsible for a failure to clean up resources

Checkpoint process: When the buffer cache responsible for the changes in the permanent record in the database, the update control file and data files in the database state information.

Archiving process: each log in the log when switching to full backup or archiving group

Service process: the process of service users.

User process: the client is responsible for the user's SQL statement passed to the service process and query data back from the server segment.

5, oracle routine: Oracle routine by the SGA memory structure and background processes used to manage the database component. Routines can only open and use a database.

6, SCN (System Change Number): system change number, a serial number within the system maintenance. When the system needs to be updated automatically when the increase, he is the system in order to maintain data consistency and important sign of recovery.

Fourth, in-depth study

Management: You can test OCP certificate, prior to the oracle of learning a system, then see Oracle Concepts, oracle online document, the principles of the oracle will have a better understanding at the same time to start making some special studies, such as: RMAN, RAS, STATSPACT, DATAGUARD, TUNING, BACKUP & RECOVER so.

Development: For want Oracle developed to understand the basic architecture of Oracle completed, you can focus on the PL / SQL and Oracle development tools in this section. PL / SQL mainly including how to write SQL statements, how to use Oracle's own functions, how to write stored procedures, stored functions, triggers and so on. Oracle's development tools, Oracle is mainly their Developer Suite (Oracle Forms Developer and Reports Developer them), learn how to skillfully use these tools.

Introduction Introduction to the books of several of the oracle

oracle official document: "concept" of the oracle of the system mentioned above and the concept is very suitable for a beginner.

OCP teaching books, that is, STUDY GUIDE (SG).

Oracle8i Backup and Recovery Guide

Oracle8 senior management and optimization

Oracle8i PLSQL Programming

Oracle8 DBA Handbook

These books are the Machinery Industry Publishing House.

Describes several Web sites oracle of official documents oracle technical support website. Need to purchase Oracle service can have an account, before landing, a large number of Knowledge Base, a large number of problem-solving experience. oracle's official website where you can down oracle software, official documents and get the latest news Oracle Magazine

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